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His peace/Temptation

Natural Hair & Beard Oils

His Peace

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Wisdom (BEARD OIL)

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Body of Armor

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Handmade with Natural/ Essential Oils

Absolutely amazing! I love the hair oil!


The hair oil works really good! I love how it's thick, but now too thick.


I love the consistency of this oil. It's not too thick and not too  watery. It's not super heavy and it makes my hair really soft. My edges are my friend right now. I let my boyfriend use it, and he loves the way it makes his beard feel. I'm definitely going to buy some more!


THANK YOU SM! you’re a big part of the reason I’ve come this far. You and your products really helped bring my crown back to life so thank YOU for everything! 🙏🏾


My husband loves the beard oil! The smell isnt overpowering and it helps with dryness!

Pop up shop customer

I love the smell of it it been great no complaints! When I’m almost running out I’m def ordering more. It makes it nice and soft